The Concept:

FisherGirl is a Canadian-based company that has been blazing new trails for female anglers of all ages since 2003. The concept of FisherGirl came from the combination of two desires; to attract more women and girls to this great pastime and provide them and the already avid female anglers with their own fishing products. Finally females would have a line dedicated to their style and needs!

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple. Health and harmony are invaluable aspects in everyone's life and we believe that fishing is a peaceful means of tackling life's stresses while enjoying time with loved ones. The crisp air of the outdoors and the stillness of a lake are the perfect surroundings to detach from a hectic schedule and connect with friends and family.

Especially for Women

With every product designed, FisherGirl takes into consideration that female anglers are looking for a product that is both functional and stylish. Our fishing rods are ergonomically designed to have a smaller handle to better fit women�s hands and specially engineered to be lightweight, making them easier to manoeuvre.

FisherGirl also offers a stylish clothing line to accompany our fishing rod/reel combos so female anglers everywhere can feel and look great whether on the shore or out on the open waters.

The Color PINK:

FisherGirl's use of the color pink is not just because many girls and women love the color, but rather to show our support in the fight against breast cancer.

All of our rod/reel combos are various shades of pink - from hot pink to metallic. There is the right shade for everyone!


FisherGirl is proud to donate 5% of our profits to help in the search for a cure for breast cancer. Donations are made to various foundations and research groups across North America.

With every purchase of FisherGirl products, you are helping to end the continuing battle against one of the most prevalent diseases among women.

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